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The wham! newsletter is published quarterly  by Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership.

It is delivered door-to-door to over 12,000 households in the wards of Bishopsworth and Hartcliffe & Withywood.  Local organisations, community projects and other groups are invited to submit content for inclusion.

wham! also accepts paid advertisements.

The most recent issue was published in February 2017.

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wham! 67 is being distributed door-to-door 13 February – 3 March 2017

wham! 66 published October 2016

wham! 65  published June 2016

wham! 64  published April 2016

wham! 63 published January 2016

wham! 62 published October 2015

wham! 61 published August 2015

wham! 60  published April 2015

wham! 59 published January 2015

wham! 58  published October 2014

wham! 57   published August 2014

wham! 56 published June 2014

Future deadlines and delivery dates

wham! 68

The next wham! will come out on 19 April.

For further information contact Anne-Marie Rogers

E: anne-marie.rogers@hwcp.org.uk  T: (0117) 903 8013

2 Responses to wham! newsletter

  1. Daphne Morgan-Jones says:

    Will there be a dog show in Hartcliffe this year 2016?

    • Anne-Marie Rogers says:

      Hello Daphne

      We haven’t got any plans to run a dog show again this year. Heather who organised the dog show has moved on, she got promoted. When her replacement comes in post I’ll mention the dog show was popular.


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